frequently asked question

Both high school student and varsity student can register and compete in BET 2018 within their own respective category. High school and varsity will have a completely separated competition, each with their own adjudicator, prize pool, and awards. Varsity can only register and compete in Speech, Newscast, and Storytelling competition.
Each participant or team must come from an institution, for high school category institution means the high school it self, but with varsity category an english club of a university will be counted as different institution than the university it self. Example : if there were 2 participants, 1 writes Universitas Brawijaya as his/her institution and the other writes Formasi Universitas Brawijaya as his/her institution, will be seen as having 2 different institution.
Main list means that your team will be accepted directly as participant of BET 2018 once you follows all the registration requirements, while the team that are registered as waiting list must wait till the registration date is over and if your team got a slot in the main list our committee will directly contact you, and your team will be accepted in the main list after paying the registration fee.
You can download the rules and regulation in link below: