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Brawijaya English Tournament 2019

Brawijaya English Tournament 2019

Brawijaya English Tournament or briefly called as BET, is the biggest annual event of FORMASI – Universitas Brawijaya. As the best and the oldest english organisation at the Campus, Formasi creates an english tournament that aimed for all highschoolars from various region in Indonesia to compete in debate, story telling, speech and newscast competitions as the battle field.

Over 270 participants will unite in this tournament. The purpose of BET is to accomodate highschoolars to improve their skill in english speaking through highly competitive competition. Participating in Brawijaya English Tournament would be a great opportunity to mingle with fellow highschoolars from different cultural background.



Expand imagination and create an unexpected story


Newscasting competition which consist of news reading, weather forecast and live report.


Prepare yourself!

23 December 2018 – 21 January 2019 1st batch registration

22 Januari 2019 – 14 February 2019 2nd batch registration

1 March 2019 – 3 March 2019 D-Day


FORMASI stands for Forum Mahasiswa Studi Bahasa Inggris in Brawijaya University. Becoming legal student activities since 1986. Formasi necessarily represent Brawijaya University in many occasion such as; Debate Competition, Speech Competition, Story Telling Competition, Invited Speaker in English Seminar, Newscast Competition, and many more. One of the oldest and largest legal student activities in Brawijaya University. We recruits over 800 new members (rookies) each year. Headquartered in Rusunawa Building B 1st floor, Brawijaya University, Malang.

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